The Thousand Autumns of Jason De Zoet By David Mitchell

The Thousand Autumns of Jacob De Zoet
by David Mitchell

The story takes place in Nagasaki Harbour, Japan and the year is 1799. Jacob de Zoet is a young clerk, arriving after voyaging from Holland, to work for the Dutch trading company operating out of the artificial island Dejima. We learn all the struggles of a foreign company running out of 18th Century Japan, how their cultural differences hinder trade relations and how everyone seams to exploit everyone else regardless of race. Dejima is busy and mean and prosperous, there are temptations and traps, there is plenty for our young clerk to learn.

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The Children's Book of Gardening

The Children’s Book of Gardening

A book by Mrs Alfred Sidgwick and Mrs Paynter, The Children’s Book of Gardening with 12 full page illustrations by Mrs Cayley-Robinson. It was originally published in 1909, however this is a re-print edition from 1913. This books sets out to teach children how to be successful gardeners. The chapters include: The Situation and Soil, Annuals, Hardy Perennials, […]

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