Vintage bookstack

Vintage Editions

Some beautiful vintage books I found lying around at the office. Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving, Ready and Willing by J. T. Hopkins and a copy of The English Illustrated Magazine 1886-1887.

Vintage bookstack

Ready and Willing

This striking cloth embossed vintage edition of Ready and Willing by J. T. Hopkins was published in 1885 by Thomas Nelson and Sons. Although the gilt detail is fading slightly, especially on the spine, it still holds its charm. I think I love them even more when they are a bit beaten and worn.

Ready and Willing by J. T. Hopkins

Bracebridge Hall

This vintage edition of Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving is illustrated with 120 drawings by Rudolph Caldecott. It’s cloth bound with a dark green cover, with de-embossed gilt type and illustration. This third edition was published by Macmillan & Co in London 1982 and printed by R & R Clarke in Edinburgh. With J. D. Cooper responsible for the engravings wonderful illustrations and arranging them within the book.

Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving

Bracebridge Hall, or The Humorists, A Medley was written by Washington Irving in 1821, while he lived in England, and published in 1822. This episodic novel was originally published under his pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon. As this is a location-based series of character sketches, there are a number of individual plots. The tales centre on the occupants of an English manor (based on Aston Hall, near Birmingham, England, which was occupied by members of the Bracebridge family and which Irving visited).


I found this wonderful quote from the story A literary Antiquary, which actually happens to be from another book, but I thought it was rather fitting:

“Printed bookes he contemnes, as a novelty of this latter age; but a manuscript he pores over everlastingly; especially if the cover be all moth-eaten, and the dust makes a parenthesis between every syllable”.

– Micro-Cosmographie, 1626.

I find it amusing that the printed books he scorns as being of the modern age, are now our moth-eaten, dusty collectables! I will actually try and read this book one day…